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About Us

We are a leader in the Fresh import export business, we have offices both in USA and Morocco
We are the only entity focused on Fresh Foods, with offices both in the US, Morocco and Canada, promoting trading of Fresh healthy foods between continents.

Established in 2006 Morocco export is the only trade and investment promotion agency with offices in USA and Morocco and Belgium. As a trade promotion Agency between Morocco; USA & Belgium.

Our services are tailored to expand relations and to facilitate trade between both clients and suppliers. From both reaves.

Our Evolution : After the launch of the free trade agreement, Morocco export is dedicated to help both importers and exporters, to stay up to date with market news, opportunities, customs data updates and events.

Our key Stakeholders and Partners : We collaborate with a range of partners and stakeholders in the US and Morocco & Belgium to achieve up to date information and services. Trade. shipping, sales, events, legal services…

National collaboration :in the US and Morocco and Belgium , We collaborate with relevant government ministries and other public and private sector agencies which provide US, Belgium, Moroccan companies assistance for business, trade or investment development. With the most up to date information and services.

Our Vision & Mission :To optimize and facilitate the free trade agreement potential between Blegium, Morocco and the US.

Our Mission : is To increase trade between Morocco and USA and Belgiul development and investment promotion services through effective research execution and strategic partnerships.

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